This years Dirranbandi Show is on
Saturday 6th April 2024


1. Exhibits, excluding ring events (unless otherwise specified) must be the bona fide property and work of the exhibitor and if required, the exhibitor must make a statutory declaration as to the correctness of his entry form in this and all other particulars.

2. Separate entries must be made for all special prizes in all sections.

3. All hackneys may be entered for the 14, 12 and 10 stone class but no hack can take a prize in more than one of these classes.

4. All entries must be in the hands of the Stewards on a date and time to be fixed by the Association from time to time.

5. All exhibits to be on the ground at the time specified in each section of the Schedule.

6. Should any exhibitor in the Sheep and Cattle classes enter sheep and cattle and fail to bring them for exhibition, he shall pay the Association the sum of 25c for each pen not occupied according to entry, unless he shall, not less than two days prior to the first day of the Show, notify the Secretary in writing that it is not his intention to compete in such class or classes.

7. The Judge may refuse to award a prize where the exhibit is deemed unworthy and may have power to transfer any entry into the class where he thinks it belongs.

8. No exhibit will be allowed to be removed from the grounds without the permission of the Stewards of the class to which the entry belongs.

9. All exhibitors must exhibit their stock each day of the Show and must participate in the parade if requested. Any exhibitors declining to do so will not be allowed to compete for any prize at any Show held under the auspices of the Association.

Any exhibitor infringing this or the preceding regulation shall forfeit any prize or prizes he or she may have been awarded at the then Show.

10. Exhibitors of cattle, horse, sheep or pigs, or exhibitors in any poultry section must at the time of entry, state the age of the exhibit in years or months, up to the date of the Show, and the breed (breeder if known). In the case of cattle and sheep, the manner of housing and feeding, if any in the case of sheep, the date when last shorn.

11. When pairs are mentioned, exhibits may be mixed sexes unless otherwise stated.

12. In classes (all pavilion school entries) children attending any school or under private tuition in the district, will be allowed to compete free.

13. The Association will not be responsible for any accident that may be caused through or by any exhibit and it shall be a condition of entry that exhibitors shall hold the Association harmless and indemnify it against any legal proceeding arising from such accident.

14. The Association will not under any circumstances hold itself responsible for any loss or misdelivery of stock or other exhibits at the Association’s exhibition, or damage thereto.

15. In the event of any prize in the schedule being provided for private contribution, the Association may, if they consider desirable, add additional prizemoney.

16. All persons exhibiting shall accept the decision of the judges appointed by the Association.

17. The Committee reserves the right of adjudicating on any questionable entry or any other point or points not provided for in the regulations of the Association and its decisions shall be final and without any appeal.

18. All protests must be notified to the Secretary immediately upon conclusion of the class in question and confirmed in writing by 6.00pm on the day of the occurrence and must be accompanied by a deposit of $100 which shall be forfeited to the Association if the Protests Committee considers the protest frivolous.

19. Should there be any reason to suspect that any exhibit is either diseased or dangerous, the Association reserves the right of refusing admittance to or removing same from the ground at the expense of the exhibitor.

20. All persons causing annoyance by loud comments on the decision of the judges or any other unseemly or insulting behaviour, will, after having been cautioned by a member of the Committee or the Secretary, be expelled from the Showground.

21. No collection for charitable or other purposes allowed to be taken up on the ground without the consent of the Committee.

22. In the event of sales of stock exhibited on the ground taking place, the Association shall charge the agents concerned 2.5 percent of the value realised.

23. Entry Fees: The Committee shall fix the Entry Fees annually.

24. Sheep bred in a registered Stud are not eligible to compete in the Flock Classes.