Vibrant agricultural displays, horse and cattle events,
fashion, entertainment and of course side show alley!

This years Dirranbandi Show is on
Saturday 6th April 2024

Local Youth Agricultural Pathways (LYAP)

Local Rejuvenation, Agriculture and Diversification

Whilst the region is working to diversify into tourism and other opportunities, agriculture remains the key economic driver for Dirranbandi and the surrounding Shire. Responsive action to water planning and policy, and strategic planning to enable diversification are key strategies that the community is working to achieve. The Balonne Shire Council Wild Dog Exclusion Program is well underway and will enable the diversification [back into] sheep and wool. Local operators are looking to embed on-farm tourism and new innovations such as micro processing plants to further grow new employment opportunities.

Ag In Schools Project

Agriculture science was introduced as a subject at Dirranbandi State School P-10 in 2016. Agriculture science is an elective from Year 7 to 10 (with 100% uptake), and, an additional tasterprogram is offered for Year 5 and 6 students at the school.

“Our kids really love ag studies and it gives them a real purpose in studying science and technology when they can see the links to their local communityAndrea Killen, Dirranbandi State School Principal.

Through the Ag in Schools project the children have lots of opportunities throughout the year to participate in excursions, on- farm visits and activities to put context to classroom learning.